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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dirty Dirty Lemony Snickets

For those of you who don't know, aside from my Language Arts classes, I also teach two periods of Reading each day. One with each room of 7th grade students. Today, we were in reading period and the students were all reading on their own. They all had a book at independent level and I was reading with Dominica when Jamal got up and came to my side. Jamal looked to me and in a whispered voice said, "Ms. Wagner...I'm not supposed to read this kind of book." I quickly assessed the situation and saw that he had one of the Lemony Snickets books in his possession, though dark, I was quite sure there wasn't a reason he couldn't have the book, so I checked the Reading level on it. All seemed okay still so I told him, "Jamal, you can't just go and get a new book, you need to finish that book, only then will I let you exchange."

When I said this, his face got really dark and he said, "But Ms. Wagner, it's not okay to read this stuff."I could tell from his voice that he wasn't simply trying to get out of the book, so I took the bait, "What's wrong with it Jamal?"

"It's got words like this..." he said pointing to a word on the page he was reading. There sat the word "pantyhose."

Without the ability to prevent myself, I immediately laughed. "Jamal, it's pantyhose. That's okay. They're just like socks that go to your waist. Women wear them all the time."He didn't appear to think that was enough to convince him that he wasn't reading "bad stuff."

"Jamal, really, it's not a bad word, next time you see a woman with a skirt on, look at her feet and ankles, she is probably wearing pantyhose."

He must have finally decided I wouldn't steer him wrong or that I was out of my mind because he said, "Okay Ms. Wagner..." and went back to his seat to read.


Hello Everyone,

I havent taken pictures lately, because my camera is locked and it wont work right now. But as soon as I take it to get it fix, I will start posting more pictures of Ross, Brendan, Kristen, Jolleen, and maybe me. I hope that everyone is doing well, and good luck with everyone's year.

Take Care

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Orleans...from Ross

Today, we e-mailed Ross and Martin to let them know that their families were in our thoughts and prayers as they recover from Hurricane Katrina. We have not heard from Martin yet, but Ross reported back today (see below). As many of you have started already and many of you begin, we are sure your schools and agencies will think of ways to help the relief effort (see below). There are also many Brothers and Lasallians in the South. We also included an update from Br. Tom Johnson.

Dave, Alisa, Courtney, Jim


The Catholic Relief Services Web Site offers information on ways to help:


The city didn't get hit as hard as it could have, but it is still a mess. However, my family is all out of the city and safe. They are staying with some extended family in Baton Rouge, LA. After the storm passed, one of the levees broke close to our house, so FEMA is reporting about 8 ft. of water in our neighborhood. We have flood insurance, so everything that is underwater can be replaced. My parents are trying to figure out when they can get back into the city, however, they are not sure how soon that will happen. They aren't sure what our house looks like, or even if it is still there, but they have places to go in Baton Rouge if there is no place to sleep when they get back. That's about all for now.


Dear Lasallians,

This is an update on the Hurricane Katrina situation as it affects Lasallians. As you know, communication to New Orleans is very poor at this time due to the damage caused by the hurricane. I have been in contact with the Provincialate in Lafayette, LA. Some Brothers from New Orleans left prior to the storm and headed for Lafayette or other places. Others stayed to ride out the storm. This morning I received the following message from Brother Louis Welker in Lafayette, Visitor of the NO-SF District:

"All attempts to reach the Brothers in New Orleans and Covington have failed. The National Guard will not let anyone in the city. We do not expect that the news will be good. I fear for our Brothers who decided to ride it out. Not knowing is hard! We will keep you informed."

Brother Louis Welker

Please keep everyone who has been affected by this disaster in your prayers.

Brother Thomas Johnson
Regional Director
Christian Brothers Conference

Monday, August 29, 2005

First Day of School

Today was the first day back at San Miguel - Comer Campus, and what a day it was. Somewhere, between last year and this, I forgot about that feeling you get in the top of your stomach right before the students fly down the hall on opening day. Needless to say, it all came back to me. I would say that today was a success! It was only a half day, and I think I was more tired when it came to a close than I have been in a long time. Now that I am the only adult in my classroom, I found myself very very busy. Always moving (which is typical and good), and always watching...even playing.

We had a few moments of laughter which was quite nice. My favorite part of the day was when Shantell walked up to Mr. Katz (the other 7th grade homeroom teacher) and I in the hallway and said: "Ummm, yea, which one am I in?" Shantell, let me tell you, is a very bubbly little ball of hyperactive energy and I was expecting a dramatic reaction no matter which direction. I told her she was "stuck with me" and my ears were met with a squeal of her own delight. Then she went to the door, looked to see who else was in the room with her and said, "Ugh, heeeeeeeeee's in HERE! Gross..." then proceeded to walk in and get to socializing with her fellow classmates. I'm not quite sure why, but that is what struck me today. To be a seventh grader again....Lord help us.

Hope you are all well, and enjoying the very end of your time-off and the starts of your new year.

Hello from the Bay Area!

I hope everyone is doing well at their sites! Things are going great here in Oakland. Busy but great. Today the LEO Center opens for the year and construction at our new building for the center is somewhat on schedule. We stopped by yesterday to look at it; they still need to finish up some painting, put in carpet, the fridge and stove, and maybe a few other things but it look like in 3-4 weeks we'll be able to move in. I think it stressed Br. Anthony out, but not me. I think stuff like that is fun and exciting, but then I am a little crazy like that! :)

The neighborhood here is good, loud, but good. Actually I do have a question- Does anyone know why people feel the need to listen to their music in their cars so loud that is rattles our windows while they sit at the intersection? I really don't understand this need; I think its kind of ridiculous especially since it can cause hearing loss. In other news, I was reading in the paper that a massive series of sideshows occurred on Broadway on Saturday and one ended up erupting in gun fire with two police officers being shot at. Crazy cus we were just there the night before at a restaurant downtown celebrating my birthday (its ok if you forgot. I'm terrible at remembering birthdays!).

The brothers here are doing good. Br. Anthony, well he's Br. Anthony. Bridget and I went to Costco the other day with him. I thought he was kidding when he said he goes there at least 2-3 times a week! Br. Chris is doing very well. He still goes to chemotherapy, but he is much stronger than he was in May when I did my site visit. Br. Robb doing good too.

Oh here's a good ice breaker or community bonding thing for anyone who wants to try it. During CAP Br. Robb, Bridget, Br. Anthony and I watched Animal Planet's Animals Behaving Badly and well it was probably one of the grossest shows I've ever seen, but it was also a priceless memory. I guess it something about watching the dung beetle doing its thing, birds pooping or vomiting on predators, animals rolling in dead carcasses of other animals, female insects sacrificing themselves so their offspring will have a source of food, ect. It was a jolly good time I tell you.

Well I hope everyone is doing good! I'll keep you posted on the move and how things are going here in Oakland! Lata gatas and God Bless!


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Visit to nature preserve

Today Matt and I went to a nature preserve here in the City of Tulsa. Its about 2 miles from the airport and we found some cool bugs and butterflies. Here are some of the pics i took today.....

Soon and very soon

Ah, tomorrow, a wonderful day of traveling across the country awaits...Unfortunately, no lay over in vegas, chicago, or anyplace that has interesting stuff in their airport. Maybe I'll find out something exciting about Phoenix (but I won't hold my breath).
Anyway, hope everyone keeps up the good work, or for us straglers has a good start to the year!
Hey all you New Yorkers (and everyone within a reasonable traveling distance) we should plan to get together sometime in mid/late september or early october for a night or day out on the town...until then, be safe, don't drink and drive, and keep on blogging!

Streaker on Bicycle

So, Jolleen, Alberto and I were headed to the Back of the Yards house for a friendly night of cards. It was officially my first night out in Chicago. On our way down there, all of sudden we run into a 'critial mass' of bikers --- hundreddssss of people (at least 800) on bikes just driving all over the road, causing traffic jams, boozing, playing music. It was the craziest thing! It was mayhem, they would just drive on the road and make cars stop for them, whether or not they liked it. And let me tell you, a lot of them did not like it. We say a few possible hit-and-runs.
Apparantly, every last Friday of the month, all of these people get together and drive throughout the city, they pick a different route each time and just ride.
So, then while we were ride besides this mass of people, all of a sudden on top of a ledge, was a streaker holding up his bike over his head (we later found out that he is a regular). It was quite the sight! - I think that's there website. I need to check it out and see what that this 'mass' is all about.
And that was what I saw on my first night in Chi-town, haha. Then Ross and I dominated in Spades (okay, not really, but we did pretty well....for a while!)

Hope all is well with the rest of you, school starts Monday for us, good luck to everyone else on their 1st day!

last day...

hello all. today is my last full day of vacation in my island state of Hawai'i. i have been here for about a month and it has been wonderful. tomorrow i hit the plane for the looooooong trek back to lil rhody. school starts monday! well. teachers start monday. get ready northeast peoples. and anyone else who wants to participate. im coming back looking for adventures!
p.s. a big thanks to mo who called me at 5:30 am this morning to chat!!!! geez's a six hour time difference! i will call you soon! maybe i will return the favor...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pretty Cool Game

Recently I was talking with CLare about our own personal merchandise (magnet, postcard, and air freshner) that say "Boys are Stupid! Throw rocks at them! This conversation reminded me of a game my former RD sent me a link to. It's a pretty simple game but it make take a little while to get used to it. If you give a chance try it out. It's a lot of fun.

P.S. Just for the record I hold nothing personal against guys in general. It's just a fun game.

For all

This is for all of you LV's out there ( and staff)..... a big o'l sunflower so you can give your best face to the toughest days.

Retreat in Indiana

Kristen came in from NY Sunday evening and by Monday at 8am, our community was on the road to Michigan City, Indiana where we had our community retreat and CAP. When we arrived at the cottage (owned by our Community Director's parents), Brother Gus immediately set out to create a theatre of sorts in the living room. I tried to capture just what all he accomplished, but trust me, the picture does not do his masterpiece justice. We had a screen (sheet), we had surround sound (speakers set on soda cases), we had a projector, a laptop, candles that smoked eerieness onto the screen during prayer and everything!

In the evening, we headed to the lakefront to see the sunset behind the Chicago skyline which was absolutely breathtaking. I am sure, had I had Saul's camera, you'd be able to make out the skyline in the distance behind our community pictures, but for some reason, my camera didn't pull the buildings out.

Harvey House Community BBQ

On Sunday, the Harvey House Community hosted a small BBQ compiled of, well, anyone who was nearby really. To help you decipher who's who: HH = Harvey House, NN = Nextdoor neighbor, SS = Southside Community Member. Dan (HH 2004-2005), Gayle (SS), Brother Gus (HH), and Kristy (NN) make up the first picture. Picture 2 is Brother Edwin (SS), Brother Arcadio (HH), and Brother Ed (HH). Picture 3 is Brendan (SS) and Jorge (SS). Picture 4 is Gayle (SS), Dan (HH 2004-2005), Melissa (Dan's gf), and Brendan (SS).

Much fun and relaxation had by all. Brendan and Jorge both got an extra workout by playing raquetball or something similar with our two neighbors, Kristy and Brittany. And the, dare I say, young crowd, took in some time playing, uh, teaching me how to play at least.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dinner Convo

We've been googling the questions of the dinner table for the last couple of nights. In our community we have a residents "historian" who loves to verify the stories that are told at the table. Last nights question was whether or not a VP had to be a citizen to run....the answer....NO. In case the president is shot and the VP is not naturalized, then you would go down the line of succession. Tonight he is going to google "BB Guns.....are they deadly?" I don't know how we get into these things bu we often find ourselves pondering the weirdest questions.

By the way, our van lost its power steering for the second day in a row. THis time the kids had a chance to visit Bishop Kelley while we traded for community cars.....stupid thundershowers....its all their fault. Anyhoot........we start our cool enrichment program after labor day and we will have an african drumming class once a week! Pretty sweet. I'm pondering doing photography...we'll see. Good night all.


P.S. Clare, i almost got the bunny on camera, but it got away. I have an awesome turtle if you wanna see?

Lindcroft and the Jersey Shore

Hi All, just curious who from the NE regions will be heading to Lindcroft on Saturday? Both Resurrection and Bedford Park (the roof party crew) will be heading down there. Anyone is welcome to ride with us or crash in Harlem Friday or Saturday night. Hope we see you all there! Even you, Janitzia- not an excuse that you're flying in the same day =0)

Corny joke...

I was shopping with one of my brothers for dinner tonight when he turned to me and asked: "You eat corn, don't you?" I chuckled a little and stared blankly at him, thinking he was joking....A Midwestern boy who doesn't eat corn? Unheard of! "Of course I eat corn." I told him. We had a little laugh right next to the corn and proceeded to shop :)
I guess it's the little moments like these that will help us get through this year. Keep sharing, everyone! (No hide and seek at our house, Katie!)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Hide and Seek!?!?!

Last Friday Irene and I were heading out to dinner, we noticed that one of the Brothers was still in the house so I went up to ask if he was going to dinner with us. He informed me that he was indeed not going to dinner but wanted to know and I quote: "If we were still playing Hide and Seek tonight." This question threw me a bit, I don't remember promising to play Hide and Seek, I have not played Hide and Seek since I was in elementary school, what the hell? I quickly went through the week, was I drunk, tired, had temporarily gone insane? Nothing. Finally after what seemed five minutes of silence Brother Ken told me how I had promised to watch the MOVIE Hide and Seek with him tonight. There was an audible sigh on my part and I laughed as my world suddenly made sense again, and at the bottom of the stairs I hear Irene laugh. The rest of the night Irene and I were cracking up, it was the perfect end to the week. I love it here, I seem to be the comic relief in the house; be it during dinner, usually during prayer, or anytime during my waking hours.

I hope everyone's days are filled with laughter, and if you need something to laugh about just ask me, I am willing to share the wealth. Ready Or Not Here I Come!!!!!!!!!

First Gang Shooting

I just wanted to share that last nite was a gang shooting right outside the house, about 7 gun shots or so. Definately two guns. Its scary because I was on my way out to the car when the shooting began, if I would of step outside a minute earlier, I could of been right in the middle of it. I stayed inside until I knew it was over, but I got to saw pretty much everything after the shooting, and the gateaway.


we lost the power steering in the minivan this morning with 6 kids, in the rain. interesting mornin'

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Philly, DC, and all points between

Lasallian Volunteers 2005-2006

Ok, I do have a confession: I'm not working yet. I actually took tree days with my buddy Dave to fly out here to Philly and drive around a bit (in a rental car) before I returned here. Our first stop was the Mutter Museum in Philly. It features all kinds of weird exhibits about the human body: actualy body appendages and miscellaneous parts suspended in vials and bottles and jars filled with a yellowish preserving liquid. (Gee, I neer knew what Gangreen looked like!). I showed my buddy Broad Street near City Hall, with the splendor of the world flags and the foutain featured on Philly's The Real World. The second day was reserved for DC. I am actually amazed that traffic was so terrible on I-95 as we headed down there. Apparently my logic of 'leaving after 9am' was faulty: Who was I kidding- 95 is ALWAYS busy! hehe I have never been to DC, so this was a great experience. We saw the Capitol, the Archives (in which the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, etc are displayed), The WAshington Monument, the Lincoln Monumnet, the WWII Memorial, the Vietnam Wall Memorial, and the Air and Space Museum (with a thrilling IMAX presentation about the International Space Center). The third day Dave enjoyed his first Philly Cheese Steak at a local place (near Manayunk) and concluded that "it was delicious!" We then went to Independence Hall and got to marvel at the amazing Liberty Bell. All in all, the trip was great. I am glad Dave can navigate- I cen drive pretty well in the city, actually, so it all worked out great. And now a word from our sponsor:
One-Way Flight to Philly: $70
Philly Cheese Steak at Chubby's: $5.50
Spending time with your best friend: Priceless
There are things that money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard!

P.S. I will startwork on the 29th at La Salle of luck to all of us.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


hey everyone,
hope your first week of school went by as quickly as ours did here in memphis. it was so nice to see the kids again and meet the new terrors. i'd love to swap some first-day reflections.
anyways, i'm writing to let you all know that i have decided to go home after all. these last few weeks here have been kinda crazy and i need some time to clear my head. i don't know what the plan is but i will keep you all updated on my fun and exciting adventures of my life because you will have no other choice but to read on.
know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers and i am so excited i had a chance to meet and hang out with everyone at orientation. don't worry, this isn't suckas don't get off that easy.
feel free to e-mail me, just don't stalk me! PEACE OUT

the craziest advice i got here:
friend: "damn, baby. git yo'self a GUN!" me: "but i don't wanna use it." friend: "it's okay, girl. just shoot him in the foot." me: "what if i miss and hit him in the nuts?" friend: "all the better."

here's some more advice: don't agree to move any plants. that one is for you, brandt.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Sportscenter on the ranch...

I figured I could compose a quick post while I wait in the kitchen of my house. Across the yard, Katie and Br. Paul(president of DeLaSalle Blackfeet School) live in a well-furnished trailer. As I type, I intently look out my kitchen window at the minivan in the yard. Hopefully, Br. Paul will drive this vehicle away soon en route to Great Falls, MT for some shopping(the first morning that Katie and I will be leaving for a different destination and later than him). Upon his departure, the trailer's cable TV(our house has VHS and DVD capabilities, but no actually television) will be FREE for the first time in my two weeks on the ranch. Br. Paul incessantly sits with his laptop on his recliner in complete control of the TV. Thus, this morning he will be vulnerable to attack; I hope to overtake his control and watch my FIRST sportscenter in Montana!

I hope the Red Sox don't go too far the MLB playoffs; because, if Boston does well, there will be a rumble over TV control during the AL championship series and World Series. And, I assure you that I will not be denied!

Have a peaceful weekend and please reflect on how wonderful "community" really is.

Hot off the Press from Lewis University

Hello everyone!

Lewis University just posted an article on Paul Sevcik...see the link below:

Blessings on your weekend...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Arroz con Leche

So I was lying on the floor (taking a nap) when I got this serious craving for some home cookin. I thought about it for a while (was it worth it) and wondered if my mom was home. (The weirdest cravings tend to come when you're 1500 miles away from home!) So I called and I tell my mom "mami....como se hace el arroz con leche"......she laughs and replies," con media libra de arroz, un poco de canela, azucar...." My mom knows that I am not the best of cooks, but when im motivated.... The first thing on my mind being the "American" salvadoran that I am was to ask her to please quantify "un poco de canela" (some cinnamon) and "azucar" (Sugar). After a bit of explaining I got it and was off to the store to buy the missing ingredients, then I started cookin'. Lo and behold the recipe worked!!!!!!!! Que bueno......Just wanted to share this with anyone who cares as this is a little victory for me now that im so far from home. I guess it softens the bumps to be able to get some home cookin. God bless my momma! Good day all!

P.S. If anyone wants the recipe you can get it from me.....or read this carefully.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Hi everyone. I'm just wondering out loud here, please bare with me. After the first two weeks of my time at San Miguel Tulsa I find that I am developing the endurance to complete 10 hour + days at school (Soon to be 11 + when enrichment starts) and then I also find the time to go for jogs at home. I'm wondering....after 2 weeks of kids trying to negotiate their way out wearing a uniform, making out with our van window, cussing in front of the teacher, eating snacks in class, talking about boys (6th grade girls about 7th grade boys), screaming in the van, and teaching a social studies it okay to be tired? I know its only been two weeks...but man......I know I'm getting better at this but I'm wondering how many of you might be going through the same thing!!!!!!!! Hopefully everyone is enjoying their experience as much as Matt and I are enjoying teaching here Tulsa. God Bless!


PS By the way....we had one bunny rabbit welcome us today Clare...i'll get a picture for you next time as proof.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

rat stampede

So after the roof party rainout I attended in Harlem last Sunday, I decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and talk on my cell phone outside on our grassy knoll. It was kind of nice; I brought my towel out, there was some Dominican music playing, and I was just chillin'. Well, at least for a while...

Do you guys remember that scene in the Lion King? You know, when the wildebeasts come charging in a giant herd and crush poor little Simba. Yeah, well all of a sudden these two rats came racing right at me, and I swear they really looked like those wildebeasts. It scared me quite a bit. One got so close it ran across my towel and was about an inch away from me. Gotta love urban wildlife. I think I'd rather have pigeons around...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Why I hate Americorps....

Ok, so it's not that I really don't appreciate the money that Americorps pays out in service awards, but I really hate having to keep track of my hours. I guess I'm just lazy... well anyways, the reason I am even posting these words is this:

Does anyone (ahem: Jonathan?) have a template on their computer that they would be willing to send me/everyone else so we could just type in our hours and just change the date week to week? I think that would be much easier, and I like easy things..... no jokes please!

Hope everyone is staying cool, literally and figuratively! Peace out-

Derek "buzzcut" Nelson

oh wow, it actually exists!

Hey ya'll!

Despite the fact that this computer sits directly outside of my room, Derek had to teach me tonight how to access this handy little blog. It's good to see you guys have arrived and settled and are loving life.

I'm alive, makin' my way around KC and trying my best to avoid any more major snafus that occupied my first week: locking my keys in the van, falling down our hardwood stairs, falling up stairs at an office we visited... they say stress makes you act like an idiot, right?

Anywho, I hope you're all doing fabulously and I can't wait to hear of of your many adventures and stories. Matt and Saul - we should meet halfway between here and Tulsa!

I don't know how to change my profile, so here's my screen name: lovevicki7

holler at me, maybe you can catch me before my bed time!

peace, vicki

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lewis, Clark, Dochety, and Krzysik...

Katie and Patrick here, reporting from Browning, Montana... to start, i miss my 7am flight out of Rhode Island last Sunday... but, thankfully, southwest gets me to Chicago in time to meet Katie, her parents, and 3 of her 6 siblings... although i didnt make any session during orientation on time and missed a flight earlier that day, katie made sure i was on the train by our 215pm departure.

and thus begins our 28-hour Amtrack adventure, filled with dinner reservations made by a senile car attendant, conversations with a Harvard man, a Jesus look-a-like that wouldn't shut up while we tried to sleep, being offered jager shots in the snack car at 230 in the morning, recharging my new laptop in a women's bathroom, being asked for contraception from fellow train riders, and lots more that we will share at mid-year with y'all.

as professional train takers, we ask you, Gil, are you ready for our visit to Oregon?

Roof Party in Harlem!

Hey- Here's how we're enjoying our time before school starts in NYC! Too bad our roof party got rained out... It was still fun!
(Brother Michael, Christine, Jonathan, Jennifer, Clare, Julia, Brother Joe)

Saturday, August 13, 2005


It's not the same when you type it, but I can't hold it in any longer...ANN NANO!

Friday, August 12, 2005

First Week

Hey guys....
Just spent my first week here in Tulsa with Matt. Can't say too much as of right now other than I am really liking (to my surprise). On our second night here we went to see a Balloon fest and caught some cool propane fire burns at night. The school here is a lot of fun to be in. The kids could not be greater (though they do try to test our patience), and even during the "bad" times I find myself being reminded "to engage is to enrage". This is quite useful for someone who just taught his first social studies lesson today! I can't tell you how great it felt to have the kids actually interested in the material I was much fun! I hope all you are doing well and I'll post more pics as we move along this next month. God bless!


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Some silly pics...

Hey guys, just thought I would share some of the pictures I have from orientaion! Hope everyone is doing well. I have been busy soaking up the sun untill I return to Chicago!

PS - Remember how I hurt my ankle and was limping, well I have to wear an ugly aircast, get an MRI and could possibly have a stress fracture. I've been an athlete all my life and NEVER once had any problems, now that I am retired, I am falling apart- I am such a has-been! hahaa

Monday, August 08, 2005

jesus' haircut?

Hey guys,

Sometimes I have to wonder how dinnertime conversations take the strange turns they often do. Our latest dining room table joke is the mullet. Honestly, I can't remember how it started. But Br. Bill had never heard of the word before. So I suggested to the table that we google image mullets to help him out. It turned into a strange night that ended with me reading haikus to Jonathan as he was finishing his Harry Potter book. In case you were wondering...

Hillbilly tresses
Ponder the meaning of life
Soaked in Budweiser

Glad to hear so many of you are doing well! Does anyone else have funny dinner stories?

Computers Hate Me...

I had this perfect blogg that said everything that I wanted to say and in the perfect way. So I hit post, and in one second all of my work is gone...WHAT THE...!!! So I guess you all will have to deal with this one, the weeks been great...I hate computers!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

No Pain, No Gain

I would like to just mention that I haven't ran since late April and Saturday Angela and Lisa inveted me to go running with them. I did knowing that they were going 15 miles, I told myself that I would run a little and wait for them to come back and run a little more. I was planning on running five or six miles. I ended up running ten miles and It hurts to walk, especially to go down the stairs. I am in so much pain, but its all my fault. I just didn't think it was going to be that bad, but I was wrong. Two girls outran me on saturday and I was supposed to be a really good runner. but not anymore...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Thanks for a great week!

Good luck with all your adjustments these next couple weeks!

All of you are in our thoughts and prayers as you begin your service year!

Take care,

Dave, Alisa, Courtney, Jim

Thursday, August 04, 2005


I have to say that I hate flying! We left NTI today around 1 and our plane was delayed because of a lightning storm. When we arrived here Br. Richard met Matt and I at the terminal with another man who did not speak any english. Apparently the guy was trying to get a flight home because of a family emergency. Anyways, I couldn't help him and had to direct him to Oklahoma city or Dallas Fort worth so he could get a flight to mexico. Maybe we can all say a prayer for him as he told us someone in mexico had passed away. I wasn't sure what to believe though...he was willing to leave his car at the airport lot regardless......he said he was going for a year....Made me wonder. Anyways, I hope all of you guys have made it to your home/sites safely. God bless!


ps call me whenever! 9253303349
I have also been working on getting copies of the pictures. Anyone who is interested drop me a line!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

ENFP People Hater

yay for getting off the hook, irene. i made my 10 hour plane ride home and am now basking in the glory that they call hawai'i. life is beautiful. sorry for those at nti. hehehe. but the crappy thing that happened on the ride home was i was sitting next to two teenagers from new mexico and colorado who kept making mexican and gay jokes the entire ride to hawai'i. they just met on the plane and the girl kept pressuring the guy to become an engineering major and then she kept calling his mother a bitch for leaving him and moving to hawai'i. and complaining about how long the flight was and that they would never do it again. in my mind i was thinking "good! we don't want you here you ignorant @#$#$ @##@#@#!!!!" but lucky for them, i kept my mouth shut. i hate sitting so close to people. yay for ENFPs who hate people!!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

How's This For A Start?

So, on the way back to Memphis, we all took turns driving. My shift came and everything was going well until we came to a construction zone near the border of Illinois/Missouri. I was on cruise control and was gradually slowing down when I see a freaking cop hiding out in the trenches. I continue slowing down but then I see that he is definitely coming after me. GREAT. I pull over, and this guy strolls up and tells me, "You know you were going 57 in a 45 mph construction zone, don't you?" I'm like, "Sorry officer, I was trying to slow down but I didn't know where it began...". There's no crying involved; I'm just calm and then he takes my ID and goes back to his cruiser and sits there for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, Br. Mark, Br. Ken, and Katie are completely silent, probably thinking, NICE WORK, jackass! But then the cop comes back and gives me a warning. So yay, I got off, but I think it's only because he was wondering what the hell kind of group we were. Who's got a better story?
Hope you are all doing well. If you are at NTI - HA. -Irene

Monday, August 01, 2005

And so it begins...

Hey all, Vicki, Lori, Brother Louis, and myself all made it safely to Kansas City at around 9:30 tonight. Pretty good time, only 7.5 hours of driving... which felt like it went surprisingly fast actually. Anyways it's hotter than crap here, supposed to be 97 tomorrow and sunny. I'm sure that will feel great with no A/C. Ah well, it's a life of simplicity, right? Anyway the Catholic Worker House is closed until next saturday, so until then there's lots of cleaning and rearranging to be done! I'm hoping to be all unpacked and ready to go tomorrow morning. We'll see though, I may feel like sleeping in...

Well, I'm off to bed. I wish my best to everyone as they travel to their sites. Safe travels, and don't be strangers either! Peace...

P.S. Cell # 507 261 9862