Lasallian Volunteers 2005-2006

Lord, The Work is Yours...

Thursday, December 22, 2005


hello all you LVers!
it's irene, checking in, hoping you all are having a FABULOUS christmas holiday. i am in california, still at home, but have been ever so busy since i became a barista at starbucks. i am trying to rack up the dough - which by the way, i make more money in one day than i did in one month as an LV but who's counting - before i move to SEATTLE washington to start grad school in january.that's right, i am going back to school, getting my master's in sports administration from seattle university. anyway, here's the reason i'm writing. i have a funny story and i am posting it myself before some other unnamed LV (ahem AB) decides to do it for me.

so i don't have a car here. i bike everywhere. one random friday night i decide to stay downtown in walnut creek and meet up with friends for happy hour. i figure i can catch a ride home. 9 hours later i am absolutely smashed! i run away from my friends and decide to ride my bike 5 miles back to my house at midnight. i am having a great time riding around town with my iPod blaring, 3 cigarettes in my mouth (i thought they had gone out) and just weaving around.

a cop pulls up next to me and he's pretty young (kinda cute) and asks where i'm headed. i pull off my headphones, they fall and get stuck in the gearshift of the bike. (remember this for later). i know i'm in trouble so i tell him that i live 5 minutes away. (try 30). he says that's fine and that he should be giving me a BUI (Biking Under the Influence) but since i live so close i just need to go home now. i say something clever like sure, thing sir and go on my merry way. this whole time i'm thinking about other things and i know i'm probably not standing up straight, but it was well worth it.i make it back to my house and the next morning feel like crap. i have to cut away the headphones from the bicycle since they were stuck there. BUT i have probably the best drinking story of my life.

how's life for the rest of you? i'm sure you have some crazy stories. let's share'em! i pick ANDREW BRANDT to volunteer (ha,ha) a story that can be stacked with mine. then he can pick someone else to go. ok, let's play!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

La Salle Academy Visit - Philadelphia, PA

My last visit of the year - La Salle Academy, Philadelphia, PA

It was a good visit to La Salle Academy. They day was busy and long. Paul, as most of you in Miguel Schools, does a little bit of everything. From fixing broken doors, teaching technology & gym, designing the newsletter or hob nobbing with donors, Paul is helping to provide a great education for kids who would not thrive anywhere else except La Salle Academy.

Paul preparing the little ones for gym class! It was 23 degrees that day!

Paul working with each student as they close up and prepare for gym class

Paul and fellow JVC leading gym class in the school lot


Paul with LSA principal Theresa Diamond (Paul's site director)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

transit strike day!

So Saul posted to brag to you all about his snow day off. Us New Yorkers don't get snow days. It's simply because snow can't shut the city down. The subway isn't affected by snow, the city buses just put chains around their tires, and everybody gets where they need to go.

But I got an unexpected day off today. Why? A transit strike day of course. MTA, the organization that operates the subways, buses, and Long Island railroad, can't agree on a new contract for its workers with the union. So all the subways, buses, and railroads shut down despite the fact that they're in violation of New York state law and the union is subject to fines. The 7 million New Yorkers that rely on public transportation are walking, biking, driving, and staying home. What a disaster!

Tomorrow I have to work though. Even though most kids can't get to LaSalle, the teachers are being picked up in a school bus driven by Jonathan. Strange, strange strange...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Visit to Tulsa

Saul teaching ESL and PE. He will have those students in shape before the holidays!

Matt teaching religion to the boys and working with one of the girls on her reading.

Matt and the students in the afterschool African Drumming class.

community blood lust

Jonathan's birthday was Saturday, so the Bedford Park community decided to commerate it by sharing one of Jonathan's interests: video games. Br. Bill drew brackets seating five of us in play offs to be eligible to play Jonathan in the final round. The game of choice: Mortal Kombat. The blood setting: heavy. I have seen few things funnier than brothers trying to figure out videgames.

Ed's quote was the quote of the night. "Is there a certain way you have to point this thing?" He was referring to the controller. Br. Joe mowed him down in the first round. It was bloody. I am proud to say that I took on Br. Bill in the semi finals, but while he gave me a run for my money, I finished him off.

I am the Mortal Kombat champion of Bedford Park!! Anyone want to take me on before we all hop on the bus to go to Goshen?

Bring it.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Pre-Posada Temptations WWJD?

Caught this little guy checking out the freshly made Buñuelos.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Our little friends!

Sorry it has been so long. I forgot my password and user name, oops! I found out though that I have two blogs, one I could never get on before (KDP for those SMU peeps)!

Great story about our little friends here in San Fran.

Yesterday one of my eigth graders decided she was going to clean her desk instead of do her homework during HASS. I was standing right behind her and she threw all her stuff out of her desk. A mouse ran out of her desk as well...up another student's arm...and onto the floor right in front of me! It was great! I just started laughting. Then later, the girl went up to another teacher that was in the room and told her she didn't understand why someone keeps leaving little chocolates in her desk...I hope she didn't eat them!

I hope you enjoyed a laught on that!

Just for a Laugh

Clare with her lovely "bad santa" gift.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Volunteers in NY

Dinner with Brother Tom Lackey, dinner with Maureen in Brooklyn, and then Clare's huge Polish dinner at Bedford Park. This was one hectic weekend, and we're all glad we now have the week to catch up on our rest.

5 inches

Snow, Snow and more Snow! This was probably the most snow I've ever seen. Everyone thought it was funny that I had never shoveled snow before.

"It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas"

Only 13 Days Left Until Christmas!

LV Love at Dave and Busters for San Miguel Christmas Party! And Ross expressing his unconditional love at Sarah's b-day party!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Who would have though?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Alternative Holiday Gifts

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday, I came across a list of responsible gift-giving websites. For the relative or friend that has everything, you can buy a goat or medicine for a family in Africa in their name. Or maybe you are more interested in buying fair-trade crafts, clothing, or jewelry. These website can link you to great ways to buy responsibily during this Christmas season. Hope you find them helpful.

Alternative Gifts International:
Cafe Campesino:
Equal Exchange Online:
Fair Trade Federation:
Global Women's Exchange:
My Personal Favorite: Heifer Project International:
International Federation of Alternative Trade:
Patagon Bird:
Peace Coffee:
Serrv International:
Ten Thousand Villages:

So, as Saul sits at home and enjoys his snow day- drinking hot cocoa and eating chicken noodle soup - he could also be browsing the web for alternative holiday gifts for friends and family.

1.5 in ='s ??

Because of the winter "storm" that passed through Tulsa yesterday and the 1.5 inches left in its wake, PS's are closed today. If this were the east coast all streets would be clear. I guess I should thank God to some extent for the lack of plows and salt. This allows me to recover from my cold. God Bless Snow!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

St. Frances Academy, Baltimore, MD - Visit

A wonderful visit with Tim Fehringer at St. Frances Academy! My batteries died halfway during my visit, so I don't have many pictures of Tim. This picture is one of Tim working with a few students who asked to stay after school for extra help. As with many of you, Tim is always offering time after school for students who need extra support.

Tim manages a good classroom. His students tell other teachers that they really like Mr. F but they find him difficult to follow because he is always running around the classroom.

Tim with the afterschool crowd!

A litle review in between notes during Tim's Government class.

This particular morning, Mr. F had a meeting with Brandon(seated) and his mother and a few other teachers to discuss Brandon's learning challenges. Brandon's mother shared with the teachers the various circumstances that cause her son to fall behind on his grades. Tim and the other teachers came up with a plan to each meet with Brandon afterschool each day to give him the support that he needs. It was Lasallian all the way...

De La Salle Blackfeet Visit II

The message below the penguin says it all!

Do we look cold..if not, we were! By now, the lake might be frozen...

Katie and Patrick took me for a hike not far from their community house. This area of the land is called the Buffalo Jumps.

De La Salle Blackfeet School Visit

Katie and Patrick outside the parish church with the pastor of the parish. The statue is of Blessed Kateri Teckakwitha. She is the first Native American to be declared a Blessed. Her feastday is July 14. She is the patroness of the environment and ecology

Besides teaching, Katie works with students one-on-one.

A shot of Katie and some of the students at DLS Blackfeet outside at the end of the day.

Patrick and Katie outside the school/CCD Center. New this is year is an addition that provides extra classroom space and a large bathroom that can handle the groups that come for immersion experiences.

who is john baptist de la salle?

Have any of you guys received a lunchbox love note from john baptist de la salle? Apparently he was visiting Austin, TX at the end of November. :)

Epiphany Community Visit - Brooklyn, NY

Epiphany Community (Brooklyn, NY); Maureen, Br. Dennis, Br. Joe and their three little friends (can't remember which one is which?)
During my visit, Maureen enjoyed a long-awaited visit from her Brother. When you see Maureen, ask her which mode of transportation her Brother decided to use for his visit with her!
Getting the dogs all lined up for the picture!