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Sunday, January 28, 2007

An LVA er, uh FLV weekend!

In the never ending quest to be the institute with the most Acronyms ever, I found out this weekend that there are two for past volunteers. LVA's: Lasallian Volunteer Alumni and FLV's: Former Lasallian Volunteers. Now that this is out in the open, I propose something be done about it. First of all, why do we need to be labeled, are we can's of Campbells? And if so, are we Condensed or Select? If though, if must be labeled, let's have just one okay, too many labels cannot be good for will only lead to confusion. That said, how about a little vote: LVA or FLV? Let's take the initiative and narrow it down.

Or, we can follow suit and attempt to become the group known by the most acronyms with the institute that has the most acronyms? In which case let's propose some other potential acronyms to be used when referring to ourselves?

I apologize. I have clearly become one with lunacy...have no fear for I believe it is temporary and I also believe I know how it came about. This weekend, at the Harvey House, there was a little gathering if you will. Those gathered (not necessarily all at once) included but were not limited to:

FLV Andrew Blake
LVA Jen Blake (Solz)
LVA Andrew Brandt
FLV Lisa Sivanich
FLV Sarah Witt
LVA Ross Nodurft
LVA Emily Vogel
FLV Angela Witt
FLV Ernest Fernandez
Karin Anderer-McClelland
Jack McClelland-Anderer (B2BLV? Bound to Be Lasallian Volunteer?)
Br. Ed Siderewicz
Br. Ed Phelan
FLV Teisha Devine
LVA David Devine
Damien Devine (PLV? Potential Lasallian Volunteer?)
LVA Alberto Guerrero
Kristen Cornicello
Joel Kreitzberg
Kathy Donohue

Oh geez, this was supposed to be a report of sorts regarding what happened, or didn't...I'm'll just have to wait.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My mid-year story, if there was such thing as mid-year in the real world...

guys....just something i have been pondering in my head: there is no sense to waiting for life to "start" because life is right here, right now. and all it takes is a continuous, conscious choice to make the life that we have good for us and those around us. i am on a mission to live an easy life full of good choices for myself and others.

on a happy note, i am encouraged to share this story of my continuing adventure in education through the support of clare, who electronically appreciates me....

here is a story of my first day at my Counseling practicum at Iliahi Elementary school (est. population 400) on my island:

If ever there was a moment when I realized that elementary school is NOT for me, it was this: (i will give it to you in play form: 2 scenes)

Scene 1: Setting: Cafeteria, table of kindergarteners.

Me: Did you eat your lunch today?

Girl: *nods*

Me: What did you have?

Girl: *blank stare*

Me: Was it peanut butter and jelly?

Girl: *shakes head*

Me: Turkey??

Girl: *shakes head*

Me: Ham???

Girl: *nods head*

Me: Ham's good.

Girl: *nods head*

Scene 2: setting: Dragon Dollar Store line (they cash in fake $ earned for good behavior for prizes)

Me: Hey, it's Ham Sandwich girl!!

Girl: *blank stare*

End scene.

In conclusion, I feel that my sense of humor may have soared way above her tiny little 4 food head. Either that, or I am seriously NOT funny.
Send me back to middle school!!!! or at least to Miguel House. I think I may have been slightly more appreciated there.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Best of Philly

Hey guys,

I've promised that I would continue to post on the blog, so I decided to share some of the sillier pictures of my year here at LaSalle. The first one took place last night, after I drank beer and ballroom danced in the middle of a Lutheran seminary campus.

I miss New York terribly, but Philly is really growing on me. I have membership to the art museum, and when I'm not being cultured I go to shady underground grocery stores in Chinatown to buy wasabi peas and look at the fish in the tanks. Who needs to pay for the zoo?

Oh, and about the last picture. I went to an all you can eat Middle Eastern restaurant for an 8 course meal complete with belly dancers (male and female!) Omar the male belly dancer was quite the show, but I preferred our waiter. You can check him out in between all of us ladies.

Happy New Year guys! I still think about you all, and here's to still being silly. I'd love to hear some more updates from you guys.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

happy new year all....

clare, maureen, and i enjoyed a conversation by ourselves on the conference call for alumni....

it was nice to catch up with them...i had been wondering what those two were up to all this time...