Lasallian Volunteers 2005-2006

Lord, The Work is Yours...

Monday, October 23, 2006


i just have to say, vicki, if you are out there reading, that i really enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) the photo with you wearing br. louis glasses...


Monday, October 16, 2006

Earthquake in Hawaii?!

An earthquake not caused by volcanic activity in hawaii. That's odd. Must be one of the signs for the coming of the Big One in CA. Well that's what the SF Cronicle said in this morning's paper, but I take everything I read in the paper with a grain of salt. It's just slightly slated to the left.

Well I'm assuming you're okay Chrissy since you do not live on the Big Island. But still, is everything alright?

Things here in Oaktown are going well! I'm going to post some pics on the 06-07 blog from our random roadtrips, so you should check them out. Well I hope everything is going well for all of you. I miss you guys!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

beer and football

You guys inspire me to post!

Philly is a pretty wacky place. It's certainly taking some adjustment.

Philadelphians are INTENSE. I pray for the Eagles to win so everybody around me is in a good mood. I even out of a three hour class a half hour early because the Eagles had a 9 pm game.

The city of brotherly love: it takes a lot to be considered a brother, and no Dallas Cowboy can make the cut.

The best thing about this town by far, is its love of Beer. I am not in a vodka martini/mojito type of city anymore. There are a variety of Belgian and German pubs to choose from. And I've only been to one. The beer, wood paneling and medieval tapestries make it hard to move on to a new spot.

Hope everybody's having a good time! Oh, right and class. That's going well too. :)

iowa- more than just corn

hey all, i was so happy to see some updates on here! I must agree with Julia that where I am now, iowa, isn't nyc I'm enjoying des moines and what it has to offer. my class this year consists of 25 kids and i have "the hard class" according to other teachers in the building. the teacher who had them last year told me, "just don't think this year, it will help get you through the year." yikes! well, they are a handful, but i love a challenge. most of my kids are Sudanese, Vietnamese, and Latino. I am teaching in what is considered "inner city" and there is a presence of poverty for sure. I love the diversity in my classroom, languages, cultures, interests, it's great! In other words, it isn't my fear of all whitekids sitting around having every want met by mom and dad!

derek is doing well in med school, he's not completely overwhelmed most days so i take that as a good sign. we also haven't killed each other yet, another good sign.

julia- i love your classroom!!! it looks so BIG! lots of space for your creative bulliten boards.

take care and write more!

ps- i got a letter from one of my students from last year in harlem and it totally made my week! they didn't forget me!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Big or little

You think everything is bigger in texas, come to memphis....

Katie and I

We are so hot....

Living it up in memphis

I am chillin in Memphis enjoying the southern life. Katie has been wonderful. Although it's not NYC, I am enjoying what Memphis has to offer. If you ever get a chance to come down to Memphis please take a drive to the Civil Rights Museum and Slave Haven. It was deep for me to walk through the Civil Rights Museum exhibit. To see how this country has change tremendously through racial segregation. Slave Haven is also another powerful place to visit. The owner of a slave plantation released his slaves because he knew that slavery was not right. He then made his home part of the under ground railroad. Years later the house was turned into a museum. As I step into the cellar where slave would crawl and hide, I felt a pain in my heart of sadness because of how many of the slave’s babies died in the journey and happiness because it was a place that helped thousands of slaves escape to freedom. It was exciting to find out that I was standing in an area where Ms. Harriet once stood. COOL…………………

Julia's angels!!!

I love this picture of my three angels...

Monday, October 02, 2006


hi people! if you still read this, that is...

i just wanted to type quickly before i run off to class that i spent this saturday on the beach at waikiki watching the season premier of Lost on a hugantic screen with 15,000 other people. Now, I am not a crazy fan of Lost, but it was something free to do. There were people who flew in from L.A. and Conn. just for the weekend for this! pretty dumb. but anyway, the cast members walked the red carpet there. and as soon as i upload the really really far away picture of the cast members on stage, i will share them with you! i miss you all! i really do feel like i am in lasallian exile!!!!!!!