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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It is hard life in NAPA!!!

Scroll down more and see Jen pic they are great

Melisa really is an angel when she is with Anthony Posted by Picasa

Look Gill has a Street named after him Posted by Picasa

Obviously God Wanted an Encore

Students (about 120 of them) from Totino Grace High School (Christine's old school) is in NY for a choir competition. They wanted to do a little bit of community service when they got here so Brother Ed put them to work at Highbridge (reading to kids, sending letters, picking up trash, etc.). Afterwards, the group went to Mount St. Ursula (a private girls' school across the street from the Bedford Park community) to sing to the nuns and eat dinner. The drive up to the convent is a rather steep drive with a ditch at the bottom of it. Well the group had 3 big tour buses with them. The first bus made it up the hill without incident, however, the second bus had another story. The bus made it about half-way into the drive when it got stuck. Yes it got stuck on pavement! After several attempts to get unstuck, the students gave up and headed in to the convent to sing. Nearly three hours later, a tow truck managed to pull the bus out of the drive. During that process, Bedford Park, a fairly well-traveled road was at a standstill. Once the tow truck got the bus out the driver pulled his truck out of the way and traffic started to move again. However, the bus still needed to finish backing up and straightening out. Therefore, the tow truck driver (a fairly well-built man) stepped in front of a moving mini-van and yelled, "Hey! Hey! How you doing? That's good! Now wait!" The whole thing was one you needed to experience first hand. Oh, and the bus that actually made it up the drive, spent about 20 minutes trying to get out of the other entrance because cars were parked on both sides of a narrow street. Needless to say, all the kids had a fairly interesting first impression of New York City.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Students with Bills

Moments ago this exchange occured during my Language Arts class:

Jonathan: (raises his hand)
Me: Yes Jonathan?
Jonathan: May I go pay my water bill?
Me: Your what?
Jonathan: My water bill!
Me: Your what? (rather confused look) Did you say you have a water bill?
Jameshia: (laughing) Ms. Wagner! He's gotta go to the bathroom!

This is news to me! A water bill eh?

Friday, March 17, 2006


It's a beautiful evening in Browning, MT! Katie and I are back at the ranch after an evening of babysitting for Katie and "Alice in Wonderland" at Blackfeet Public High School for Dave. I joined a group of teachers for the show to catch three DLS students who were in the show. Tomorrow, we are hitting the trails of Glacier National Park, attending Mass in East Glacier and having dinner together with Br. Paul and Br. Ray.

Above are shots from the 5th grade field trip today. The shots on the bus were taken on the way to the farm (where Katie lives) to explore and pick rocks for the Rock Garden back at the school.

Katie reminds all of you that you are always welcomed here in MT!

Warmest greetings from the Big Sky!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Some Early February Fun

This is a photo of Kristen and Ross from the night that we all went out to celebrate Alberto's Birthday. We're talking about a heck of a schedule here. We had Saturday School, then we had the Cross City Classic Basketball Tournament where every San Miguel Comer team played every BOY team (including the staff teams), then we went to a co-workers 9th Anniversary of Sobriety Party, then we went OUT!

...Rumor has it we didn't get home until 5:30 a.m....


Whatever will we do with a problem like Maria, er uh Andrew!?!

Mid Year

This is a photo taken Friday morning of MidYear when some of us went to wander NYC! Fun times! Nothing like a cold beer (or soda) at ESPN Zone as soon as it opens...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

math nerd jokes for pi day

It's 3.14 - otherwise known as pi day. In celebration of this special day I made two pies for my students that stay afterschool working on their homework. Of course, I waited long enough for them to get their math done first. So they eat 2 slices of choclolate pudding pie with extra whipped cream and the mad sugar rush ensues. As they get all manic and hyper, Franciry says, "Miss, we're acting irrational because it's pi day!"

Yeah... if you're a math nerd it makes sense...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Resurrection School Visit - Harlem, NY

Juia and Christine continue to serve Resurrection School in a variety of ways!Prayer time....the guy in the front is focused!

Two students who stopped by Ms. Barboza's Library at the end of the day

Christine had yard duty.... ask Christine about the boots!

Julia oversees the accelerated reading program and is currently working on a school-wide effort to improve reading levels and to meet various goals that include a $1,000 prize for a class to attend field trips. Julia is giving a pep-talk in this picture.


De La Salle North Catholic High School - LV Visit

Gil assists with the driving for the CIP(Corporate Internship Program). 4-5 vans each day leave the high school to drop off and pick up students who are working all over the greater Portland area.

Gil meets with students individually to review their progress as a CIP student.

Gil is an excellent bus driver. Alisa and I joined him for one of his end of the day pick-ups. It's a great time to connect with the kids and to hear about their day.

Highbridge Community Life Center

Highbridge (Bronx, NY): During this second half of her service year, Jen splits her time with the ESL Program and the Recreation Program. In the morning, Jen works with another ESL teacher and teaches large groups of adults that are working towards various degrees. At anytime, Jen can have 25+ students show up for class.

In the afternoon, Jen continues to work at the Recreation Center. Kids come for afterschool tutoring and various activities. Jen also helps out with other programs that come up at the Center. And of course (as many other LVs experience) Jen does a lot of other little things for Highbridge.

La Salle School - Albany, NY

A visit with Ernest and Martin at La Salle School in Albany~
Sorry, no pictures or Martin. My battery died on the 2nd day of my visit.

THE WALL! Ernest and Martin work in the Recreation Department at La Salle School. Besides rock climbing, they take their kids camping, snow shoeing, caving and many other on campus activities such as basketball and bingo

No pictures of Dave.... I did go up though with the trusty support of Ernest!

La Salle School -

San Miguel Tulsa, OK


San Miguel Tulsa Visit

Getting Ready For Broomball in Tulsa!

Saul Leading Push-Ups Before Broomball

A Shot After An Exciting Game

Saul works with a couple students one-on-one who are behind in reading

Matt leading Religion Class...

Saturday, March 11, 2006

March Pro-Inmigrante

As many of you know, there is a bill called H.R. 4437 which was passed by the House of Representative, the bill now has to go thru the senate before it can become law. Quick summary of the bill: anyone or organization who aids an undocument person will be put in jail, undocumented immigrants will served a minimun of one year in prison for being in the U.S illegally, building a fense in the Mexican and U.S border (approx. 3000 miles long), police officers can and will deport undocumented immigrants, and undocumented people in prison will remain in prison. In other words, every undocumented immigrant in this country will be sent to his native country after serving one year in prison, it might take awhile to deport over 12 million undocumented immigrants, jails will be overpopulated, the millions of US dollars that its going to cost to deport and inprison so many people. But it better to spent millions of dollars to get rid of immigrants rather than to do something to help them. Its ridiculous why some people think like that.

The point is that, yesterday we had a rally against that bill and also to support the civil rights of immigrants. It went great, we had a crowd of at least 100,000 people in the Federal Plaza by 2pm and people kept showing up all the way until 6pm. It was the biggest Rally in history according to the newspaper. I am proud to say that we, San Miguel of Back of the Yards organized at least 500 people to go to the march. Chicago has set the example of how strong we can be if we get organized like we did on friday. We owned the city, a lot of communities looked like ghost towns because they all went to the march, the streets of downtown chicago were closed most of the afternoon because of the Rally. It was a beautiful thing, I wish you all could of been part of it too.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gun Face

So, today after a really long ass san miguel day, matt comes into my room with a grin on his face. He confiscated a pellet gun from one of our angelic boys. I'll let him describe this, and his excitement with the guns "range", and how we have turned our community hall into a virtual 007 playground.

Today at extended break, Edgar went into his pocket for a pen to give to a friend. he pulled out a pellet gun in the process of getting to the pen. i of course went over to him and asked him what the gun was for. he said that is was his toy and that he would put it away. i took the gun from him and tried to figure out if it was a water gun, a bb gun, or what. he was not helpful in my exploration of the new 'toy.' i had to figure it out on my own - when i got home i had so much fun with that gun - it can break a piece of paper and the range of the gun is quite exceptional. i think it is without a doubt the best thing i have taken from a student - the only problem - it only had 2 pellets which after i fire i have to retrieve.~~~~~~end transmission

SM- By the way guys, maybe you can share your confiscation exploits on the blog. We have found dirty condoms( not from our students of course!), taken mini bouncy basketballs and many many more! Please share!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

President's Day Weekend

Here's some pics from when Clare, Jonathan, Gil and former LV Brent came to visit all of us in the Bay Area. There are more, but you'll just have to wait for Jonathan to finish working with them on Photoshop. Enjoy!