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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My mid-year story, if there was such thing as mid-year in the real world...

guys....just something i have been pondering in my head: there is no sense to waiting for life to "start" because life is right here, right now. and all it takes is a continuous, conscious choice to make the life that we have good for us and those around us. i am on a mission to live an easy life full of good choices for myself and others.

on a happy note, i am encouraged to share this story of my continuing adventure in education through the support of clare, who electronically appreciates me....

here is a story of my first day at my Counseling practicum at Iliahi Elementary school (est. population 400) on my island:

If ever there was a moment when I realized that elementary school is NOT for me, it was this: (i will give it to you in play form: 2 scenes)

Scene 1: Setting: Cafeteria, table of kindergarteners.

Me: Did you eat your lunch today?

Girl: *nods*

Me: What did you have?

Girl: *blank stare*

Me: Was it peanut butter and jelly?

Girl: *shakes head*

Me: Turkey??

Girl: *shakes head*

Me: Ham???

Girl: *nods head*

Me: Ham's good.

Girl: *nods head*

Scene 2: setting: Dragon Dollar Store line (they cash in fake $ earned for good behavior for prizes)

Me: Hey, it's Ham Sandwich girl!!

Girl: *blank stare*

End scene.

In conclusion, I feel that my sense of humor may have soared way above her tiny little 4 food head. Either that, or I am seriously NOT funny.
Send me back to middle school!!!! or at least to Miguel House. I think I may have been slightly more appreciated there.


At 8:00 PM, Blogger clare said...

this makes me nostalgic for the lasallian pencil sketch. and no, the waiter was not foreign unfortunately. i don't even think omar the male belly dancer was. sad.

At 6:42 PM, Blogger Christine said...

kindergarteners are weird, and i do teach elementary! whatever, 3rd graders are weird too. =0)

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Jolleen said...

Thanks for the update Chrissy...good luck plodding along figuring out which age group is best! YOU CAN DO IT!

...yea, i know. and i'm sure you didn't need that from me, but take it and LIKE IT!

miss you!


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