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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving guys!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I celebrated my first thanksgiving home in 6 years. Strange and nice to be home with family. it included waking up to the stupid roosters crowing outside at 5 am, playing at the park with my baby cousin, (only to have her call me a monster), throwing a football in the face of my other baby cousin by accident (he survived), making gravy, and eating pumpkin cheesecake! But I can't help but think of you all on this day because I am grateful for your presence in my life. Mo and I were talking about reflection and how important that is in our lives. And here I am, reflecting on the fact that without you all, I would not have grown so much spiritually. And that is what I am grateful for. I miss our get-togethers. I may be far away from you all, but as I recall, our old buddy Jack said something about Jesus living in his heart forever, and that, my friends, is where you all are: in my heart. forever. whether you like it or not.


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